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Post Workout Recovery

Save Your Strength and Fight Catabolism with Post Workout Supplements

After hard sessions at the gym, you want to nourish your body to keep it strong and catabolism-proof. Catabolism poses a huge threat to bodybuilders. When this occurs, the energy and time you put in will all go to waste.

During this state, the muscle tissues break down into smaller molecules. Prolonged period of catabolism puts your health in serious trouble. Aside from muscle loss, fatigue and growth hormone suppression are among its horrific effects. Catabolism also suppresses the immune and digestive system.

As you build your muscle, catabolism should be a top concern. Thus, choosing the right post workout supplements will help you prevent this nightmare.

Prevent Catabolism Through Quality Post Workout Supplements

Post workout supplements help your muscle to recover from the damages that intense workout has caused. After workout, your body is at risk for catabolism. But, with a good post workout supplements, you have nothing to worry about.

Bodybuilders who train hard find muscle recovery supplements an ideal part of their daily diet. It keeps the body away from going into catabolic state by repairing damaged muscle tissues at once. It does this while retaining the nutrients needed for anabolism (muscle building).

Besides fast, recovery, post workout supplements help boost muscle growth. They also enhance your body’s sensitivity to intense workouts.

Convenience also makes post workout supplements a must-have especially for busy people. You can have a delicious post workout drink right away after a long period of explosive exercises. You can also combine two or more muscle recovery supplements and make a post workout shake. It depends how much and what specific nutrients your body needs.

The Key Ingredients of Post Workout Supplements

Muscle recovery supplements contain nutrients essential for preventing muscle breakdown. These key nutrients are responsible for recovery:

Protein – Protein is a crucial element in building muscles. It sends amino acids to muscles fast for growth and recovery. Casein and whey are two of the most popular protein recovery supplements in the market. Bodybuilders love to mix and match these powders for a powerful post workout recovery drink.

Carbohydrates - As a primary energy source, the muscle cells absorb carbohydrates fast. You use up a lot of them as you work out. In technical terms, carbohydrates stimulate the release of insulin. In turn, insulin prevents cortisol, a catabolic hormone, at bay. Replenish your system at once with a post workout drink rich in carbohydrates to delay catabolism.

Creatine - The fatigue-fighting creatine ranks among the most essential post workout supplements for bodybuilders. Creatine helps your body recover faster by lowering the intracellular calcium. This calcium contribute in muscle degradation. Add it to your post workout drink and you will keep feeling on the go.

Glutamine - This post workout supplement aids in replacing amino acids. It also repairs muscle tissues, promotes protein synthesis, and prevents muscle cramps.

Regular work out puts great strain on your muscles. These recovery supplements will prepare your body for the next bouts of high intensity exercises.

Ensure your body does not suffer much from the terrible effects of catabolism. Just make sure to choose your post workout supplements with care. A wide array of available brands in sport nutrition stores and online supplements shops.

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