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Can Beef Protein Powder Give You The Essential Nutrient You Need for Bodybuilding?

Whey or beef protein powder? Modern science gave us a better understanding of how bodybuilding supplements work. It also provided us more room to explore other options in the name of health. Once in a while, new bodybuilding supplements come out and become the subject of debate.

Beef protein powder is the latest addition to a wide range of protein supplements in the market. But, what makes it better than others?

This new meat-based protein is made from beef protein isolate. Beef protein is next to egg for having the highest biological value. Based on studies, the body can use up to 90% or more of protein from egg white, the same as beef protein. But it is often compared with whey because they share similar amino acid delivery profile.

Whey protein has the highest biological value of 160%. That still depends on the purity of protein used. The downside of it is that whey protein supplements contain lots of sugar, which may not be 100% healthy after all. This is where beef protein powder earns the most points.

Animal-based supplement like Carnivor beef protein is more pure and have no sugar added. This makes it a safer and healthier option. And because beef protein powder has no fat or sugar content, the body can absorb the nutrients fast. Makers of beef protein powder also add vitamins and minerals.


Most beef protein powders use various absorption technologies for faster lean mass gain. The most popular variation of beef protein powder is the hydrolyzed beef protein isolate.

Hydrolyzed beef protein isolate refers to a beef protein supplement that underwent predigestion stage. Beef protein that comes from raw beef meat (steak for example) takes about five hours to finish amino acid delivery. It takes that long because of several phases that beef meat has to go through before the final stage. Hydrolyzation skips these processes allowing you to use the protein for its purpose at once.

Like other protein supplements, beef protein powder performs the same tasks. It helps boost the energy for long period of workouts, enhances muscle growth and speeds up recovery. They only differ in the absorption rate and nutritional value. Research suggests that beef protein powder is a competent supplement that you will find worth the buck.

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