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How Valuable Is Egg White Protein Powder for Your Performance?

Choosing the best protein supplements can be quite overwhelming. Each promises to gain you muscles fast. Egg protein powder is no different but its other health benefits might be worth checking out.

Building muscles and improving performance already put a lot of strain. Preparing your muscle-friendly meals everyday can be another time-consuming and stressing task. You may not realize it but the answer is simple: egg protein.

You must know by now that egg white is a good source of protein. But, you pay little attention to this cliché. Here are some reasons why it could be enough to support your body building regimen.

What Makes Egg Protein the Best for Muscle Builders?

We all know that egg is one of the healthiest power foods around. Despite the bland taste of egg white, many bodybuilders find it one of the most reliable sources.

  • For one thing, egg protein is high the amino acid leucine, which handles protein synthesis in the muscle. Compared to wheat and soy protein, egg white protein powder contains 9% more leucine. This accounts for higher rate of lean mass gain.
  • Aside from protein, egg provides a huge amount of vitamins. It has vitamins A, B complex, B12, vitamins E and K. It also contains folic acid and riboflavin.
  • Egg protein powder is also abundant with minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc. People in bodybuilding and sports world seek egg protein for its eight essential amino acids. These amino acids do a great deal of work in muscle recovery and boosting energy.
  • Fats? Egg white protein powder has zero fat. This means, you won’t gain fatty weight, making it a great workout companion.
  • Egg protein powder provides high quality protein. It is also lactose-free, which is why it is a great alternative to dairy and soy if you are allergic to them.

  • If you are always on the go or just not bent on poaching eggs, go for egg white protein powder. And if you worry about the off-putting taste that it may come with, there are many choices.

    Several brands came out with different variations. You will find various flavors that are more interesting than unflavored egg protein powder. Vanilla egg protein powder and chocolate egg protein powder are examples. Organic egg protein powder is as good as natural egg white because it does not use chemical during processing.

    Check out which egg white protein powder will suit you best. It would be worth looking into the labels to know the quality of the brand you are planning to buy.

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