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Pea Protein

Pea Protein Powder for Vegans, Athletes, Muscle Builders and Everyone!

Two factors determine the value of a good dietary protein. One, it must contain the essential amino acids that help in building muscles and allow fast muscle tissue recovery. Two, it must be tummy-friendly.

Based on studies, pea protein possesses these qualities and everyone can enjoy this nutritious treat: bodybuilders, athletes, vegans, and young adults, among others.

Pea Protein For Muscle Building

Bodybuilders and athletes love pea protein for its high BCAA amino acid content. BCAAs or branch chain amino acids consist of valine, leucine, and isoleucine. The muscles absorb these essential amino acids and convert them into energy. This process help increase the energy level, which makes BCAAs beneficial for performance.

Pea protein powder meets your muscle building nutrition needs. As a pre-workout supplement, it helps boost your energy, inspiring you to train harder and longer.

The essential amino acids aid in muscle growth as well as recovery, thus preventing catabolism. Catabolism means the breakdown of muscles into small molecules. This can leave you feeling weak and unable to engage in workout for days.

When it comes to weight loss, research shows that pea protein takes time to digest. The effect is a long lasting feeling of fullness, preventing fat gain while increasing muscle mass.

What Makes Pea A Unique Source of Protein

Pea protein has become the subject of several studies. Scientists want to provide sports community and vegetarians a healthier alternative to meat-based proteins.

  • Vegans find pea protein powder one of the best sources of lysine. The body does not manufacture its own lysine. Its primary sources include natural foods and supplements. Lysine contributes in the formation of collagen and enhances the immune system. Lysine deficiency leads to certain health conditions in children and adults. Athletes in particular may suffer from nausea, weakness, and low stamina.
  • Protein itself has thermogenic effect. The term thermogenic refers to substances that generate heat within the body. When thermogenesis occurs, the metabolism works faster. This results in higher energy level and weight loss.
  • Individuals who are at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases will find pea protein powder an ideal supplement. Researchers have found that protein found in pea stimulates the excretion of bile acid. This process leads to the decrease of LDL (bad cholesterol) level. LDL reduction becomes more significant if you combine pea protein powder with other dietary fibers.
  • Diabetics may also find it an efficient addition to their diet because of its blood sugar lowering properties.
  • For people with low tolerance for allergen, pea protein powder is the best choice as it is hypoallergenic. Studies show that pea protein is least likely to produce allergic reaction when consumed.

  • Only few protein supplements can offer such a huge number of benefits. Take advantage and try the pea protein. Discover why bodybuilders prefer pea protein powder, and what mesmerizes non-bodybuilders as well.

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