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Reasons Why Rice Protein Powder is Good For Your Health and Your Muscles

Rice protein powder is the latest craze in sports nutrition. And there are several reasons for its growing popularity.

Like other meat and plant-based proteins, rice protein contains high amount of amino acids. It is a flexible supplement that fitness buffs, athletes, bodybuilders and vegetarians prefer.

Are You a Vegetarian? It’s Okay!

Vegetarians and vegans aren’t big fans of animal protein. But, even if they are doing Mother Nature a huge favor, renouncing animal protein creates a nutritional gap. Three macronutrients serve as the building blocks of the human body. They are protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Missing one of them can cause major health problems. Protein is an essential component in building muscles and proper organ functioning. Skipping it will make a big mess.

Rice protein powder helps prevent the catastrophic effects of protein deficiency in vegetarians. It also give muscle builders and athletes a healthy alternative to whey and casein. This plant-based protein offers huge health benefits that even animal protein may lack.

Muscle building

Protein is the building block of muscles. It would be hard for bodybuilders to gain lean mass without enough supply of protein in the body. Rice protein powder can provide the ideal protein they need to make muscle builder an easier task.

Muscle recovery

Brown rice protein powder contains nine essential amino acids. These help in repairing muscle tissue damage. A great post-workout supplement, this organic brown rice protein powder also prevents catabolism.

Energy booster

Rice protein is an efficient supplement that can give you the pump you need for intense workouts. If you're headed for a long day at the gym, rice protein powder is the perfect companion.


Its thermogenic properties serve as one of rice protein’s highlights. Thermogenesis is the process of heat generation within the body. Themorgenic substances stimulate the metabolism leading to weight loss. And because it is protein, you gain lean mass while you shed fats. Brown rice protein powder in particular can aid in weight management because it has low carb and fat content.


Lowering cholesterol level and regulating blood sugar are among rice protein’s health benefits. For people at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, this is your best bet. Also, rice protein powder is hypoallergenic. It means you are safe from experiencing allergic attacks.

Most people prefer the organic rice protein like Nutribiotic rice protein powder. This brand uses no chemicals during the processing.

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