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Reasons Why You Should Whey Up When Building Muscles

Whey protein is a premier type of protein that bodybuilders consider a must-have. Workout routines are not the same without it. But what earned whey such a huge fan base? If you are new to bodybuilding, you will find that whey offers many benefits.

According to research, whey protein powder works great in improving one’s athletic performance. This is because it increases the energy level and boosts endurance. Bodybuilders find it a reliable pre-workout drink as it speeds up muscle growth and recovery.

What is Whey?

Cow milk is the source of whey protein. It is the liquid part when separated from the curd during cheese production. It works as milk substitute for infants and people who are lactose-intolerant. But, it is more popular as a muscle building supplement.

Research suggests that whey protein powder contributes in lean muscle mass increase. The effects on muscle becomes more obvious when combined with training. Other than muscle preservation, whey protein powder also causes significant health and fitness improvements.

Helps in Fat Loss

If you are losing weight, accompanying your diet with whey protein will give you better results. Studies at the Human Nutrition Research Center suggest that whey can lower the ghrelin level, a hunger hormone. It also regulates the thyroid hormone level, which stimulates metabolism. The research lasted 12 weeks involving men on whey protein. Weight loss, as a result, was more significant than those who were on isocaloric mix beverage.

Increases Energy and Muscle Mass

Research at Baylor University in Texas show that men who took whey protein powder developed more fat-free mass. We all know that protein is a muscle food. It contains amino acids that boost strength and prevents muscle breakdown. Since whey is a fast-digesting type of protein, bodybuilders get to use up and convert them into energy fast. Bodybuilders consume whey protein shakes often as pre-workout drink.

Two types of whey are available in the market: whey protein concentrate and whey isolate protein powder. Most prefer the concentrate version over whey protein isolate powder due to the manner of processing.

Promotes Good Health

There's a lot that we owe to whey protein powder's fast-acting amino acids. These include a healthy immune system and a system equipped with cancer-fighting agents.

Research also shows that active people use up a great deal of glutathione after workouts. Glutathione help protect the cells in our body so it can cope with stress and harsh effects of aging. Whey protein powder prevents the decrease in glutathione and keeps the energy level up.

If you plan to supplement your workout routines with whey protein, make sure to select one with the best quality. Check the label and look out for sugar, calorie and fat content. It would be best to opt for low or no-sugar-added and fat-free protein whey powder.

Whey protein powders also come in different flavors for a more pleasant bodybuilding experience. There are unflavored whey protein powder. But, you can also find vanilla whey protein powder and chocolate whey protein powder. It depends how you want your whey protein to be. Just make sure you are getting the one with the highest quality.

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